Full List Of Our Free Roulette Games – 14 In Total

Every free roulette game on our website is listed below. There are 14 in total. You don’t need to give your email address, just select your game and start playing for free, it’s as simple as that. The games below are sorted by game type, starting with European Roulette at the top and working down to Mini Roulette at the bottom.

If you would like to see our games sorted by software developer, then take a look at our page that lists all of the Playtech Roulette Games and the page that lists the Net Entertainment Roulette Games.

European Roulette

This is the most popular version of roulette that you will find on the Internet. It is also the version of the game that you will find in the majority of casinos around Europe. It has a house edge of 2.7% which is much better than the American version of the game and this is why it’s more popular on the Internet. In total, there are 7 different European games below with varying graphics and betting options.

European Roulette From PlaytechEuropean Roulette – Developer = Playtech

This is the most popular game on this website because of the stylish graphics, fast game play and the simplicity. There aren’t any complicated Call bets or Racetrack bets to wrap your head around so it’s an easy game to learn how to play.


Roulette ProRoulette Pro – Developer = Playtech

Visually, this is the same as the game above but this is the “Pro” version which means that you can place Call bets via a menu in the bottom left hand corner. It is a more complicated game that is better suited to experienced players.


Standard European RouletteStandard European Roulette – Developer = Net Entertainment

This the most popular game from Net Entertainment on this website. It tracks the “Hot and Cold” numbers from players all over the world over the past 500 spins and it has a Racetrack complete with all the Call bets.


High Roulette Roulette GameHigh Roller Roulette Game – Developer = Net Entertainment

Visually, this is the same as the Standard game above but the table limits have been moved up to £1-£1500 which is as high as it gets on the Internet. It is a game for players that want to place bigger bets.


Premium European RoulettePremium European Roulette – Developer – Playtech

This is an upgraded version of the Playtech games above with sharper graphics and customization options which allow you to change the colours and view. It is also the only Playtech game on this website with a Racetrack that is complete with all of the Call bets.


Premium Roulette ProPremium Roulette Pro – Developer = Playtech

Despite having the name “Pro” this is not a very complicated game. There aren’t any Call bets at all so it’s an easy game to play. Like other premium games, the graphics are upgraded and you can customize the look of the game.


European Roulette Net EntertainmentEuropean Roulette – Developer = Net Entertainment

The third and final European game from Net Entertainment. This game has completely different graphics to the games above and you can save your favourite bet types via a button in the bottom left hand corner of the game.

French Roulette

Of all the different roulette games, this is the one that has the best odds. It has a single “0” like the European game but losing outside bets pay back half when the “0” hits. This is quite a rare game, especially in land based casinos. There are 2 French games below, one from each software developer.

Premium French RoulettePremium French Roulette – Developer = Playtech

The most complicated roulette game on this website due to the way that the Call bets are accessed and utilized. There’s a long list of them in the bottom right hand corner of the game and they’re written in French. This is a game for more experienced players.


French Roulette Net EntertainmentFrench Roulette – Developer = Net Entertainment

This is an easier version of French Roulette but it still has a complete Racetrack with Call bets which are accessed via a button in the bottom left hand corner of the game. It also tracks “Hot and Cold” numbers from other players around the world.

American Roulette

If you walk into a casino anywhere on the North American continent, this is the roulette game that you will have to play (although there are a few exceptions, but not many). It isn’t as favourable as the games above because it has an extra green slot, the “00” which means that the house edge jumps up to 5.26% from 2.7%.

American Roulette is not as popular on the Internet due to the wide choice of games that are so easily accessible. If an online casino only offered the American version of the game, players would just go to other websites where they can get the better odds of the European and French wheels. This isn’t the case for land based casinos in the USA which is why most of them just offer the American game.

Still, if you are planning on going to a casino in the USA or if you are going on vacation to Vegas and would like to get some practice in on the American game, we have 3 to choose from below.

American Roulette PlaytechAmerican Roulette – Developer = Playtech

Visually, this game is the same as the very popular European game at the top of this page apart from viewing the wheel and table right to left as opposed to the conventional left to right. Like the European game, this is an easy game to play.


Premium American RoulettePremium American Roulette – Developer = Playtech

In terms of game play, this game is a little more advanced than the game above because you can set it to auto play for up to 99 spins. Other than that, they are the same apart from the graphics so it’s a case of choosing which game you prefer the look of.


American Roulette Net EntertainmentAmerican Roulette – Developer = Net Entertainment

This game is different to the two above because you can access the Racetrack and place Neighbour bets – the only American game on this website that allows you to do so. On top of that, you can save your favourite bet combinations.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a game that was created by online casino software developers and you won’t find it in any land based casinos. It’s a fun little game that offers a change from the more traditional games above and we have one from each developer. Due to the fact that this game is smaller than the regular roulette games, some of the payouts have been changed and you will find information about the adjusted payouts below each of the games in a chart.

Mini Roulette PlaytechMini Roulette From Playtech

Playtech’s version of Mini Roulette allows you to see both the wheel and the board. Like other games from Playtech, you can turn off the animation if you like which means you don’t have to watch the ball spin around. When the zero hits, any losing bets pay back half


Mini Roulette Net EntertainmentMini Roulette From Net Entertainment

With Net Entertainment’s version of Mini roulette, you can’t see the wheel initially, just the board. After you’ve placed your bets and clicked “Spin” the wheel comes into view (pictured left) until the ball lands in a slot. The graphics for the spinning wheel are very good.