How To Play Roulette

Roulette is a fairly simple game to understand, especially once you’ve played it a few times. You’ve already got that part covered because you can play for free on this site for as long as you want. On this page, we shall run through the basics of how you play the game and then give links to pages where you can find more information. Another important thing to understand is that there are differences in playing the game online and offline, so both of these situations will be covered.

Playing Roulette Online

Premium European RouletteThe majority of people coming to this website are wanting to play roulette online so this is the circumstance we will cover first. The first thing you need to understand is that there are several different variants of roulette that are available online. Most of them are available to play for free right here on this website. We have gone into much more detail about this on our page on Roulette Variants.

So once you have chosen the variant that you want to play, it is a simple case of loading the game up and giving it a moment or two as loading times vary from game to game and from developer to developer. Once the game is loaded, you need to familiarise yourself with the different bet types and the table limits. Let’s have a closer to look at these two important aspects of the game:

Different Bet Types – The roulette bets can be sorted into three different categories: Outside, Inside and Call bets. The Outside bets cover large portions of the wheel with low betting amounts but the payouts are low. The Inside bets cover less numbers but the payouts are higher. The Call bets are more advanced bets that are only really used by experienced players, or players that are just experimenting with the game. We have a very detailed section on Roulette Bets which goes through all the different types so it’s worth having a look at it.

Table Limits – You can’t just bet any amount you want when playing roulette. Every game both online and offline will have limits that you need to play within. On most games, each bet type will have its own limits and then there will be an overall table limit on top of that.

Let’s take our European Game From Playtech as an example. The minimum bet for betting on Red and Black is $1 and the maximum is $300. The minimum bet for betting on just one number is $0.10 and the maximum is $50. The overall table limit is $3000 which means that any combination of bets need to be below the $3000.

Playing roulette in a land based casino is no different either; every game has table limits. While the table limits aren’t too much of a concern when you are playing for free here on this website, it is very important to take them into consideration if or when you are playing for real.

Choosing Your Betting Chips

Roulette Chips

Something so simple that is often overlooked by players. When you play a casino game in the “real world” you have chips and playing online is no different. If you plan on betting $25 a time, it makes no sense to have the $1 chip selected and clicking 25 times over and over again. On top of that, when you use the more advanced Call bets, bets are automatically placed dependant on the betting chip that you have selected.

Once you have your chip selected, just click on the different bets that you would like to place. As you place these bets, you will see your balance going down. If you place a bet that you aren’t happy with or if you change your mind, you can remove bets from the table and your balance will go back up. You do this by clicking a button marked “Clear Bets” or something similar on every game.

Once you are satisfied with the bets that you’ve placed, click on “Spin” to spin the wheel. Keep in mind that once you spin the wheel, there’s no going back so make sure that your are satisfied with your bets and haven’t made any mistakes. You then watch the wheel and ball spin and the winning number will soon be revealed. Winning bets are automatically credited to your balance

Conclusion – With everything above in mind, you are ready to start playing roulette online. If you intend on playing for real money, there are a few more things that you need to be aware of such as how to deposit and withdraw money safely, playing at reputable casinos, legality and bonus terms and conditions. We have gone into this in much more detail in our section on Playing For Real Money.

Playing in a Real Casino

Roulette TableBefore playing in a real casino, we would definitely recommend playing for free online first and getting some practice in. While casinos in places like Vegas and Atlantic City are used to tourists and will help them, you don’t want to feel on the spot when you’re confronted with a real roulette wheel for the first time.

Most casinos have several different roulette wheels so the first thing you need to do is find one with a spare seat. In most cases, there are 6-8 seats per roulette table and the seats are for players only so if people are with you, they either need to play as well or stand and watch. You also need to be wary of the table ethics for the particular casino you’re in. For example, drinks may not be permitted at the table and food almost certainly won’t be allowed.

So once you are seated at the table, make sure that you are comfortable with the table limits and you are almost ready to start playing. The last thing you need to do is exchange cash for chips with the Dealer, aka the Croupier. You can’t use left over chips from the Blackjack table here (although the Dealer should let you exchange them) because roulette has its own set of colour coded chips. More specifically, when you sit at the table and buy chips, you’re given your own unique colour of chips.

This is because with several different people placing bets all over the place, it would become a bit of a free for all if everyone had the same chips and people would inevitably lay claim to bets that they didn’t place. With each player having their own unique coloured chips, the dealer can easily identify the winners on every spin of the wheel.

Once you have your chips, you are ready to start playing. You need to wait until the Dealer announces “Place Your Bets” at which point, you can place as many as you want. It’s important that you are careful when placing your chips because the inside bets are in relatively close proximity to each other and Line/Street/Corner/Split/Straight Up bets can so easily be misplaced and thus, misinterpreted by the Dealer.

Another thing to remember is that as far as you are concerned, what everyone else bets on is completely irrelevant and you shouldn’t be put off by their betting patterns. If someone bets on a number that you also want to bet on, just place your chip on top of theirs.

You can continue placing your bets until you hear the Dealer say “No More Bets” at which point, it’s time to keep your hands to yourself. If you reach for the table, you may get off with a warning first time and then after that you will likely be ejected from the casino. Once the ball has landed in a slot, the dealer marks the winning chips and then the loosing chips are swept off the table. The Dealer then pays the winning bets and the cycle starts again.

When you have finished playing, you will probably need to cash in your chips with the Dealer rather than walking off with them and cashing them in elsewhere although rules vary from one casino to another.


Everything above is the basic information that you need to start playing roulette. However, there’s much more to learn about the game and here are some more pages we would recommend you take a look at:

Roulette Bets – On this page every type of bet is explained in detail.

Roulette Payouts – The different bets have different payout ratios and it’s important that you learn them, especially if you intend on playing for real money. Every payout ratio is covered on this page along with examples.

Roulette Odds – Different bets cover different percentages of the wheel and have different odds of winning. All the odds are covered in detail on this page.