Free Net Entertainment Roulette Games

Net Entertainment are a software development company that provide games for many online casinos, our favourite being Mr Green. You can learn more about Net Entertainment on their Official Website. In total, there are 6 different free roulette games from Net Entertainment below with varying graphics, rules and table limits.

Standard European RouletteStandard Roulette Game

This is what we call our “Standard” game from Net Entertainment. It is a European game with a house edge of 2.7% and it has a Racetrack with all of the Call bets included, making this game the full digital roulette experience.


French Roulette Net EntertainmentFrench Roulette

There are several variations of roulette and the French version of the game offers the best odds because the “0” pays back half of losing outside bets when it hits. This is one of only two French games on this website and the only one from Net Entertainment.


European Roulette Net EntertainmentEuropean Roulette

This is another European game but it has different graphics to the Standard game. This game also has a complete Racetrack and Call bets which are accessed in the bottom left hand corner of the game (by default, they aren’t turned on).


High Roulette Roulette GameHigh Roulette Roulette Game

This is the same as the Standard game with one difference, the table limits. On the Standard game, they are £0.10 – £200. On this High Roller game, they are £1 – £1500 which gives players an idea on what it’s like to be a big stake roulette player.


American Roulette Net EntertainmentAmerican Roulette

When it comes to the Internet, American roulette is not very popular because there’s an extra slot, the “00” which means the house edge jumps up to 5.26%. Even so, this is the game you will find if you walk into a casino somewhere in the USA.


Mini Roulette Net EntertainmentMini Roulette

This is a roulette game that you will only find on the Internet. It is a smaller version of roulette with just 13 slots – 6 red, 6 black and 1 green. It’s a fun little alternative to playing the regular roulette games although the house edge is rather steep.