Free Standard Roulette Game From Net Entertainment

This is what we call our “Standard” game from Net Entertainment and it’s our favourite on this software platform due to the improved graphics. You will also find these improved graphics on the High Roller game as well.

If you are a savvy/experienced roulette player, you may notice that the Call bets have slightly different names. The “Tier” is called Serie 5/8 and the “Voisins Du Zero” is called Serie 0/2/3. However, this is simply a change of name and doesn’t affect the rules of the game. For much more in depth information about the these bets, check out our section on Roulette Bets. More information about this game and instructions can be found below.

Hot and Cold Numbers

The first thing to clear up about this game are the hot and clod numbers. Here’s how it works:

  • Hot numbers – The numbers that have hit the most over the last 500 spins and how many times they’ve hit.
  • Cold numbers – The numbers that have hit the least in the last 500 spins and the numbers of spins since they last hit.

This may seem confusing at first when you load the game up and the numbers are on display before you’ve even spun the wheel but there’s a very simple explanation. When the game loads up, it takes data from other people playing the game around the world and analyses the last 500 spins to give you the information you see. From there, the numbers will then adjust to your game as you spin the wheel.

You can bet on the hot and cold numbers if you like simply by clicking on them. For example, clicking on the hot numbers will place a bet on all four numbers and likewise for the cold bets.

Another thing worth noting about this game is that you select your chip size in the bottom right hand corner. If you have stacks of chips on multiple bet locations then you can use the “x” chip to delete a stack of chips without having to clear all of your bets from the table.