Free European Roulette Game From Playtech

Of all of our Playtech games, this is the easiest to play and it is the most popular game on the site due to the ease of play, fantastic graphics and fast game play – you can get over one hundred spins a minute with fast play enabled (placing no bets). Additional information can be found below the game.

If you run out of money while playing, you can add more by clicking on “Bank” which will enable you to deposit as much play for free money as you like.

If you don’t want to watch the ball spin around the wheel on every spin then you can turn this off by allowing fast play. To do this, hover your mouse over the spanner in the top right hand corner and click on options. From there, click on “Game Settings” and then click on fast play. With fast play enabled, you can spin as quickly as you can click the mouse.

One of the things that makes this game so simple is the absence of the Racetrack and Call bets. If you would like to play a Playtech game that enables those bets then you have three options:

Roulette Pro – Visually, it is the same as the game above and you can see the option to place the Call bets in the bottom left hand corner. You can’t actually see the Racetrack in this game and selecting Neighbour and Final bets can be confusing if you’ve never played before so I would definitely recommend reading up on Roulette Bets before attempting it.

Premium European Roulette – This has different graphics to the game above and you can see the the Racetrack.

Premium French Roulette – This has the same graphics as the Premium European game but you can’t see the Racetrack. On top of that, you need to click on a menu to view the Call bets and there are a lot of different options, most of which are written in French so it can get quite complicated.