Free Mini Roulette Game From Playtech

Mini Roulette is a game created by online casinos and it’s a smaller version of European Roulette. This particular game has a hint of French in it because you get half of your losing bet back every time the zero hits. In total, the game has 13 slots and it’s very simple to play. More information about the payouts can be found below.

To begin with, this game is played in the same was as the other Playtech games on this site. If you run out of money, you can deposit as much as you want by clicking on “Bank”. You can also turn the animation off so you don’t have to watch the ball spin around on every spin. To do this, hover your mouse over the spanner in the top right hand corner and click on “Options”. Then you need to click on “Game Settings” and finally “Fast Play”.


There’s no way that this game could play properly with the standard roulette payouts so they have been adjusted for this game accordingly. For a quick reference as you play, check out the table below.

Mini Roulette Payouts
BetNumbers CoveredPayout RatioPayout With £1 Bet
Red/Black61:1£1+£1 = £2
Odd/Even61:1£1+£1 = £2
Half Dozen61:1£1+£1 = £2
Corner42:1£2+£1 = £3
Street33:1£3+£1 = £4
Split25:1£5+£1 = £6
Straight Up111:1£11+£1 = £12

The major downside to Mini Roulette is the house advantage which stands at a whopping 7.69%. To soften the blow, some Mini Roulette games, like the one above, pay half of losing bets back for the Zero which cuts the house edge down to 3.85% which is still higher than the European game but it is at least lower than American Roulette.

If you enjoy this game, you may want to take a look at our Mini Roulette Game From Net Entertainment which has the same basic rules but with it being from a different software developer, the graphics are completely different.