Free Premium European Roulette Game From Playtech

Some people would say that this Premium European Roulette game is the most complete game on this website. The graphics are really good and offer a slightly more realistic look when compared to the other European Roulette Game from Playtech and the Racetrack, complete with Call Bets, is available for you to place bets on.

If you don’t like the look and feel of this game, you can change it around in the top left hand corner. You have the option between 3 colour skins, you can opt for a different view of the wheel and table, and you can choose which way you would like the wheel to spin.

Racetrack and Call Bets

All of the Call bets are accessible from the Racetrack with the exception of the Finals bets which you will find in the bottom right hand corner of the game under “More Bets”. Check out our section on Roulette Bets for detailed information on what these bets are if you are unsure on how they work.

Like all of the Playtech games on this site, you can turn the animation off to get faster game play if you like and you do this by going to the spanner in the top right hand corner of the game and clicking on “Options”. Once you’ve done this, click on “Game Settings” and make sure that “Fast Play” is enabled. If you run out of money while playing, click on “Bank” and deposit whatever amount of free play money that you would like.

More Games Like This

If you like the graphics of this game, we have three other roulette games that are the same. They are all called “Premium” and you can find them in the navigation to the right whenever you’re in the Playtech section of the site. Here’s a bit more info about them:

Premium French Roulette – This is the French version of the game. It features the Call bets but no Racetrack so you can only access them via a menu. On top of that, there are a lot of Final bets called “Finales” which is the French word for finals. This is the most complicated roulette game on the entire site.

Premium American Roulette – The American version of the game which features an extra green slot “00” and an increased house edge. No Call bets are available in this game.

Premium Roulette Pro – This is exactly the same as the game above but without the Call bets.