Roulette Bets

Before you play roulette, whether it’s for free or real money, it is best to have an understanding of the different bets. All of the different bets types are covered in detail on this page and the images have been taken from our Premium European Game. To begin with, the different bets can be sorted into three different categories: Outside, Inside and Call/Announce. Let’s look at each in more detail.

Outside Bets:

Outside Bets

There are 5 different kinds of outside bets to choose from (12 in total) and with them you can cover large percentages of the wheel with relatively few chips, but the payouts are low. Here are the different bets:

Red and Black – There are 18 red numbers and 18 black numbers on a roulette wheel. Betting on Red will cover the 18 red numbers and betting on Black will cover the 18 black numbers.

Low (1-18) and High (19-36) – There are 36 numbered slots on a roulette wheel (not including 0 and 00) and you can bet on the low numbered half (1-18) or the high numbered half (19-36).

Odd and Even – There are 18 odd numbers and 18 even numbers on a roulette wheel and you can bet either of them with these two bets.

So above you have 3 different kinds of bets and 6 in total. Each of them are what’s commonly known as even chance or even payout bets because they cover just less than half of the wheel. The payout for all of the even chance bets is 1:1 which means that you will double your money on them when you win e.g. bet $1 and win $2 back.

Dozen Bets – There are three dozen bets on a roulette wheel, 1-12 (1st 12), 13-24 (2nd 12) and 25-36 (3rd 12).

Columns (2:1) – The column bet is similar to the dozen because it also covers 12 numbers. The easiest way to describe the difference is that the dozens split the table into 4×3 rectangles whereas the columns stretch the entire length of the table in 12×1 rectangles.

So above there are 2 different bets types and 6 in total. Each of them just cover 12 numbers and the payout is 2:1 which means that if you bet $1, you win $3 back when you win.

Inside Bets

Inside Bets

There are six different kinds of inside bets and with them, you cover a smaller amount of the wheel but receive a larger payout when you win. Here are the different bets:

Line Bet – The line bet is also known as a double street or a half dozen. It covers six numbers and you place it between two street bets. As you can see from the diagram above, the chip is placed between 7 and ten. You need to make sure that you put your chip in the right place because it’s very easy to place a Split or Street bet by accident. The payout for the Line bet is 5:1 which means you win $6 with a $1 bet.

Street Bet – The Street is a three number bet and it is half of a line bet. in total there are 14 different street bets, starting with 1-2-3 then 4-5-6 and all the way down the board to 34-35-36. You can also place a bet on 0-1-2 and 0-2-3 which have the same rules as a Street bet. The payout for a Street is 11:1 which means you will win $12 with a $1 bet.

Corner Bet – This is a four number bet that is placed in the middle of four different numbers on the board. On the diagram above, the bet placed is the 16-17-19-20 Corner. The Corner bet pays out 8:1 which means you will win $9 for a $1 bet.

Split Bet – The Split is a two number bet which is placed between two numbers. In the diagram above, the 22-25 is the Split that has been bet on. The Split pays 17:1 which means you win $18 with a $1 bet.

Straight Up Bet – This is a simple bet on any number on the table. The payout is 35:1 which means you win $36 with a $1 bet.

Four Number – This is a bet on 0-1-2-3 at the same time. The payout for this bet is 8:1 which means you win $9 for a $1 bet. This bet is not available on American Roulette.

Five Number Bet – You won’t find this bet on the diagram above because you can only place this bet on the American game and it is in place of the Four Number bet. Due to the extra green slot on American Roulette games – the 00, you bet on 5 numbers rather than 4. The problem is that the payout for this bet is only 6:1 meaning you win $7 for a $1 bet. The Five Number bet is the worst bet you can make in roulette so you should avoid it.

Call Bets

Call Bets

The Call bets, sometimes referred to as the Announce bets, are not available on every roulette game you play online and the free games on this website are no exception. A lot of roulette players overlook the Call bets because they are more complicated than the conventional bets and this is the reason why they aren’t included on every game. You only find these bets on European and French versions of the game. They aren’t available on American roulette because of the extra 00 slot.

Voisins Du Zero – Sometimes this is labelled on the table as Voisins Du Zero as you see above, Voisins or Serie 0/2/3. This bet means “Neighbours of Zero” and when you place the bet, you will see that the numbers are the ones that are next to the zero on the wheel (not the table). Here is the bet and how it is placed:

  • Voisins Du Zero Bet2 chips on 0-2-3
  • 1 chip on 4-7 split
  • 1 chip on 12-15 split
  • 1 chip on 18-21 split
  • 1 chip on 19-22 split
  • 2 chips on 25-26-28-29 corner
  • 1 chip on 32-35 split

In total, this bet covers 17 consecutive numbers around the wheel with 9 chips.

Tier – Sometimes the Tier bet is called Tier Du Cylindre or Serie 5/8. It is a bet that covers just less than a third of the wheel (12 numbers) and these numbers are consecutive around the wheel, starting with 27 and ending with 33. These are the Split bets that are placed:Tier Bet

  • 5-8
  • 10-11
  • 13-16
  • 23-24
  • 27-30
  • 33-36

In total, this bet covers 12 numbers with 6 of your chosen betting chips. If for example your betting chip was $1, your total bet would be $6. If you won, you would be paid the normal payout for a Split bet which is 17:1 = $18.

Orphelins – This is a bet that covers 3 numbers that are next to each other on one side of the wheel and 5 numbers on the opposite side of the wheel. This achieved via Split bets and one Straight Up bet and they are as follows:

Orphelins Bet

  • Straight Up bet on 1
  • Split bet on 6-9
  • Split bet on 14-17
  • Split bet on 17-20
  • Split bet on 31-34



Just to quickly summarise, here are the amounts of numbers that the above three bets cover:

Voisins Du Zero – 17

Tier – 12

Orphelins – 8

If you add these three numbers up, you get 37. There are 37 slots on a European and French wheel and these three bets are a way of covering all of the slots.

Final Bet – This is a simple bet for covering all numbers ending with your chosen number. To begin with, you pick a number from 0-9. If you pick 1, a bet will be placed on every number which ends with 1 which would be: 1-11-21-31. If you picked 2, it would be: 2-12-22-32. This is the same from 0-9.

Neighbour Bets and the Racetrack

Call Bets and Racetrack

The Racetrack is available on some roulette games and as you can see from the diagrams above, they are different for the European and American games due to the different layouts of the wheels. The order of the numbers on the Racetrack is the same as the wheels. Think of the Racetrack as a representation of the wheel, minus the oval shape of course.

Typically, a Neighbour (sometimes spelt Neighbor on an American game) is a 5 number bet. You start by picking a number and then a bet will be placed on that number, plus its two neighbouring numbers either side, resulting in a bet on 5 numbers in total. Some roulette games will allow you to increase your Neighbour bets by up to 8 numbers either side, resulting in a bet on 17 numbers. Using the Racetrack and the Neighbours is an easy way to cover a large section of the wheel.