Roulette Odds

Bellow you will find the odds for European, American and Mini Roulette. Before looking at the tables, here’s what each of the columns mean:

Bet Type – Self explanatory, the type of bet in question.

Numbers Covered – The amount of numbers that the bet in question covers. Something else to remember when looking at the tables below is that European Roulette has 37 numbers in total, American Roulette has 38 and Mini Roulette has 13.

Odds Of Winning – The mathematical ratio of wins to losses. For example, a Straight Up bet in European Roulette has 1 in 37 chance of winning which means you can expect it to win once in every 37 spins. This isn’t to be taken literally though because if you were to spin the wheel 37 times, it’s unlikely that every number would hit once. It’s likely that some numbers would repeat and some numbers wouldn’t hit at all.

Probability – The probability of the bet winning on any given spin.

Discrepancy in numbers?

If you’ve looked at different roulette sites around the Internet, you may notice that the odds vary slightly from one website to another. The likely reason for that is the maths used by the writer of each page, how they handled decimal places and how they rounded their numbers when doing calculations. It also depends on whether they did the maths themselves or used various “odds” and “ratio” calculators which use different rules for decimals. There’s also the fact that several websites will just copy from others without doing their own maths.

Here’s how we did the maths for calculating the odds of winning and the percentage. We rounded every number off to two decimal places (where applicable).

Odds of Winning – Take the number of slots divided by the numbers covered by the bet. As an example, here’s how you would work out the odds for Red/Black on European Roulette: 37/18=2.06 after rounding off to two decimal places.

Percentage – 100 divided by the number of slots to give the percentage for each slot. Then times this by the number of slots the bet covers. Using Red/Black on European roulette as an example again, this would be 100/37×18=48.65% after rounding.

Another way of calculating this is by turning the bet into a fraction and moving the decimal place over two spaces which will give you the same answer. Using the above example again, this would be 18/37=0.4865 after rounding, then move the decimal two places to the left to give 48.65.

Now that everything has been explained, here are the tables:

European Roulette
Bet TypeNumbers CoveredOdd of WinningProbability
Red/Black181 in 2.0648.65%
High/Low181 in 2.0648.65%
Odd/Even181 in 2.0648.65%
Dozen121 in 3.0832.43%
Column121 in 3.0832.43%
Line61 in 6.1716.22%
Corner41 in 9.2510.81%
0 1 2 341 in 9.2510.81%
Street31 in 12.338.11%
Split21 in 18.55.41%
Straight Up11 in 372.7%

In terms of odds, European Roulette is a more appealing game to play than American and Mini Roulette as you will see when you compare the numbers. If you would like to play a European game, then take a look at our European Roulette Game from Playtech which is simple to play and has great graphics. For a more advanced version of the game with Call bets and a Racetrack, take a look at our Premium European Roulette Game which is also from Playtech.

American Roulette
Bet TypeNumbers CoveredOdd of WinningProbability
Red/Black181 in 2.1147.37%
High/Low181 in 2.1147.37%
Odd/Even181 in 2.1147.37%
Dozen121 in 3.1731.58%
Column121 in 3.1731.58%
Line61 in 6.3315.79%
Five Number51 in 7.613.16%
Corner41 in 9.510.53%
Street31 in 12.677.89%
Split21 in 195.26%
Straight Up11 in 382.63%

If you compare the odds of an American game to European, you will notice that they are worse for every bet type. The reason for this is that the payouts are exactly the same for both games, but American Roulette has an extra slot – the 00 which makes every slot on the wheel lees likely to hit, thus lowering the odds. We have several free American games to play on this site from both Playtech and Net Entertainment. An easy one to play is the American Roulette Game from Playtech.

Mini Roulette
Bet TypeNumbers CoveredOdd of WinningProbability
Red/Black61 in 2.1746.15%
Odd/Even61 in 2.1746.15%
Half Dozen61 in 2.1746.15%
Corner41 in 3.2530.77%
Street31 in 4.3323.08%
Split21 in 6.515.38%
Straight Up11 in 137.69%

Mini Roulette is a game that is only available online and as you can see, it offers by far the worst odds. Something the above table does not tell you is that you do get half of your losing bets back when the zero hits which does improve the odds slightly. We have two Mini Roulette games on this website for you to play, One From Playtech and One From Net Entertainment.