Roulette Payouts

When you are placing bets on roulette, whether it’s for free or real money, it’s a good idea to know the payouts for the different bets which you will find in the tables below. The top table applies, to French, European and American Roulette, although the “0 1 2 3” bet is only available on French and European Roulette while the “5 Number Bet” is only available on the American game. The bottom table is for Mini Roulette which is an online game only and is available to play for free right here on this website.

Payout Ratio Explained – Some people get confused when they see the payout ratio because it’s easy to misinterpret its meaning. Take Red/Black as an example with a payout ratio of 1:1. It’s easy to think that by by Betting £1 you only get £1 back which would make it pointless. What this ratio actually means is 1(Payout):1(original bet). So you get the payout stated, plus your original bet back.

Let’s try this with another example. The Payout for a Straight Up bet is 35:1 which means that if you are betting £1 a time, you get £35 for every winning bet, plus the £1 which was the original bet = £36 in total.

What About Betting More Than £1?

The easiest way to keep on top of the payout ratios is to times(x) them by the number that you are betting. Using a Straight Up bet as an example again, if you were betting £5 a time, the payout ratio would look like this:

35×5=175 1×5=5 meaning a payout ratio of 175:5 (which means the same thing as 35:1)

Using the above example of betting £5 a time on a Straight Up bet, you would get £175 for every winning bet plus the original bet of £5 meaning £180 in total.

If that still doesn’t make sense, don’t worry. Wrapping your head around it can be a little confusing at first but once you’ve read it a few times and tried the bets out for yourself on one of our many Free Games it will all make sense.

European/French/American Roulette Payouts
Bet TypeNumbers CoveredPayout RatioPayout With £1 Bet
Red/Black181:1£1+£1 = £2
High/Low181:1£1+£1 = £2
Odd/Even181:1£1+£1 = £2
Dozen122:1£2+£1 = £3
Column122:1£2+£1 = £3
Line65:1£5+£1 = £6
Five Number56:1£6+£1 = £7
0 1 2 348:1£8+£1 = £9
Corner48:1£8+£1 = £9
Street311:1£11+£1 = £12
Split217:1£17+£1 = £18
Straight Up135:1£35+£1 = £36
Mini Roulette Payouts
BetNumbers CoveredPayout RatioPayout With £1 Bet
Red/Black61:1£1+£1 = £2
Odd/Even61:1£1+£1 = £2
Half Dozen61:1£1+£1 = £2
Corner42:1£2+£1 = £3
Street33:1£3+£1 = £4
Split25:1£5+£1 = £6
Straight Up111:1£11+£1 = £12

What About The Call Bets?

The Call bets are advanced bets that are designed to cover large sections of the wheel. These bets are normally covered via Straight Up and Split bets. The Call bets do not have any special payouts and the payout you receive is dependant on where the ball lands.

Take the Orphelins bet as an example. This is a bet that consists of one Straight Up bet and four Split bets. If the ball lands on one of the Split bets, you will be paid out at a ratio of 17:1 like normal and if it lands on the Straight Up bet, you will be paid at a ratio of 35:1.

Final Thoughts

While you can learn the different payouts from the information above, there is still more to learn about the bets themselves. Take a look at our detailed page on Roulette Bets to learn more about the bets and their position on the table. You can also take a look at our Roulette Odds Tables which show the odds of each bet winning on any given spin both in a ratio and a percentage format.